About Julia

Julia Budd was born and raised in Roberts Creek, a small town on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.

Julia started playing sports as soon as she could walk.

Julia played Soccer, Baseball, and did gymnastics and track and field. Julia has always been competitive and was constantly looking for a challenge, Sports kept Julia busy and focused throughout her elementary years and it was through them that she was able to shine.

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As Julia entered into high school, sports became less a part of her life and she was looking for something new.

After school one day a friend of Julia‚Äôs asked her to go to a Kickboxing class with her, Julia had heard about this instructor who had moved to their town and opened a Muay Thai gym out of his garage. She thought about it for a couple weeks then finally agreed to go. Julia walked into the gym and never looked back, it was there that a passion was born and Muay Thai would become a part of her life forever… Read more!